Paper Airplane Contest

Paper Airplane Contest 2019


Place: Zaragoza, Pabellón Deportivo Municipal Tenerías

Paseo Echegaray y Caballero 162, enfrente del Puente del Pilar.

Day: Sunday 6 October 2019

Time: 11:00 AM

Contest organized by:

Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia

EMOZ (Escuela Museo Origami Zaragoza)

Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza

With the collaboration of Volunteer for Zaragoza and Bruno Duval who will give airplanes to the assistants.


7 Categories:

Distance (Children: Under 10 years)

Distance (Youth: Between 10 and 15 years)

Distance (Senior: Over 16 years old)

Time of flight (Children: Under 10 years)

Time of flight (Youth: Between 10 and 15 years)

Time of flight (Senior: Over 16 years old)

Precision (All ages)


Prizes: 3 first classified of each one of the categories.

Price: Each person can participate with as many planes as they want. The price of participation for each aircraft in Distance and Duration will be 1 Euro. Those targeted in the categories of distance and flight time may participate in the category of Precision that will be free.

For competitions of Distance and Time of flight each participant will double the planes with the paper that will be given to him when signing up, without making any cut in the paper, (it will be able to fold any model of airplane, it does not have that it is original of the folder).

The aircraft will all be folded with the same type of paper, A4 size sheet of 80gr. Provided by the organization.

The contestant will launch his plane only with the impulse of his hands, without using any outside utensil.

In the “Distance” contest the pitcher will not be able to leave the area bounded for launch, the distance will be measured from the launch line to the point where the aircraft stops.

In the “Flight time” contest, the time from the time the airplane is launched will be timed until the airplane touches the ground.

In the event that the airplane touches the roof, the wall or any other obstacle before reaching the ground, the participant may repeat the launch, counting the best of his records for classification.

In the category of precision the participants will be placed in the steps of the pavilion and will launch their plane tried to approach as much as possible to the mark that will place the organization.

There will be qualifying rounds, the qualifiers will participate in the next round until they reach the final round that will decide the first places of the contest.

At the end of the category of precision will be the award ceremony of all categories.