Distinction of the Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan has awarded the Origami Museum Zaragoza.

This year 2019 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has recognized 206 people from all over the world, among the Spaniards besides the director of the Origami Museum Zaragoza there are also the Mayor of Malaga, a journalist from Radio Nacional and Satori ediciones.

The news appears on the website of the Embassy of Japan in Spain:


It is an honor that this year 2019, which coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia and the 5 years of EMOZ, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan recognizes us for the promotion of Japanese Culture in Spain.

Origami is very important within the Japanese and Aragonese culture, the Origami Zaragoza Museum, unique in the world, is the main place where this art is made known, we trust that this award will make our museum more known and the origami is recognized as art.