Sebastien Limet

Cartel_Sebastien Limet

I was born in 1982, I discovered the origami thanks to my mother when I was 6 years old.

She bought us a book of traditional foldings to enjoy our Wednesday afternoon (there is no class in France).

Later, when Internet arrived home, I rediscovered this passion with diagrams of models more difficult than the previous. My first achievement was to fold Eric Joisel’s rat!

I continued with my studies about the management of natural areas (that was going to affect in my future) and I tried in every artistic branch: drawing, comic, painting, sculpture.

Sculpture took the advantage quickly and it became an escape. Origami stood present in my life, but more like a hobby… for more than 10 years I rescued some objects to destroy them, twist them, melt them and join them again in sculptures with a dark background. Destruction for reconstruction.

In 2010 I received great news when I knew that I was going to be father of twins… of course, paternity didn’t stop me from work, but I found a way to spend more time with my children, less voluminosa and less dangerous. The origami, always in my life, was a great way to express myself! So I started to create, taking Roman Diaz, Nicolas Terry or Bernie Peyton, above all, as references.

This influence is well appreciated in my creations.

I prefer figures of animals. I like to choose the perfect paper in accordance with my creation, to give it more life.

The final part of the modelling is the most important, as I understand, because this is how I make my models have signs of life.

I don’t want the complexity in a model, I try to get fast the essence… the basis of traditional origami offers a lot of possibilities.

I have a special feeling with my models “two in one”, models that portray themselves and take life more easily.

The origami has and will always have some kind of magic to me: a simple paper sheet that lives and changes into what you want. There is no magic trick more wonderful!



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